Consulting service

Those who know me describe me as someone who observes the present and sees the future. And I believe that is exactly the case: by natural inclination, I look at what is in front of me and grasp the opportunity it conceals. After that, an automatic, explosive mechanism starts in my brain, bursting with ideas to turn that opportunity into reality.

And so, in the course of time, after giving advice on the most disparate topics to the most disparate people, I decided to make it systematic through a real consulting service.

What remains rather eclectic is the scope – or rather, the areas. In fact, I have decided to help freelancers and entrepreneurs all over Europe and the world in two of the areas I know best: digital nomadism and gluten-free food.

Arianna Magnani consulting services

Consulting for businesses dedicated to digital nomads

You got it right: with this consulting service, I don’t advise those who want to become digital nomads, but all businesses that want to attract that kind of clientele. Coworking, hotels, Airbnbs, cafes, event venues, but also entire destinations – be they villages, cities, regions or islands: I help you to start a business dedicated to digital nomads from scratch, or to adapt your current enterprise to accommodate this type of audience.

What are my qualifications? I am a digital nomad myself, I have travelled all over the world and lived in South East Asia and around Europe, where I have been an active part of digital nomad communities. I am still abroad, in Greece, and I have a case study here that I am sure you will be interested to know about.

Consulting about gluten-free food for businesses

I am a copywriter and communication strategist, I am a digital nomad… and I have also been gluten intolerant for a decade now. Travelling the world with such intolerance is not easy – but sometimes neither is eating out in your own city.

In my wanderings, I have encountered two main problems:

  • hotels that do not offer gluten-free options for breakfast, or that foist some stale, industrial product on you – and this happens in 4 and 5-star hotels too, while other guests can enjoy dreamy buffet breakfasts;
  • restaurants, cafes, ice-cream shops and similar establishments whose staff doesn’t even know what gluten is, or is not sufficiently trained to be able to respond to customers’ needs and questions.

So I set up a consulting for businesses who want to offer a better “gluten-free service” to coeliacs and intolerant people. In this audience, word of mouth is the most powerful weapon for attracting new customers: it is clear that the better the service, the more successful the business will be. You know what they say: delight your customers by exceeding their expectations – and believe me, given the current average situation it’s very easy to do that if only you trust the guide of an expert.

In conclusion

Are you interested in my consulting service and want to know more? Just contact me by email, at the address I will get back to you as soon as possible.