Your Italian copywriter

Need some good content marketing?

Whether you’re a foreign business wanting to open up to the Italian market or viceversa, a good web writer can help you take the leap.

An Italian copywriter is what you need, because she:

  • knows the market of her own country
  • understands the pain points and feelings of your Italian target audience
  • can speak both to you and to your clients effectively
  • can write in perfect Italian and very good English too

Here’s what I can do to help you reach your ideal clients and beat competitors on the Google serp.

SEO copywriting… and more

italian copywriter from bali arianna magnaniI specialize in SEO copywriting for website pages and blog posts, both in English and Italian, but that’s not all I do.

Have you ever heard of transcreation?

If your website is written in English and you want to realize an Italian version of it, don’t just get it translated – look for an Italian copywriter who can transcreate it. This is a deeper process that doesn’t focus only on writing the same content in correct Italian words. It adapts that content to the Italian market, so that it reaches the audience in a much more effective way. It’s the perfect meeting point between creative translation and digital marketing mastery. And it happens to be one of the things I can do for you.

But that’s still not it. Here’s a list of all of my web copywriting services:

  • Transcreation of your content, from English to Italian or viceversa
  • Editing of your content, from a linguistic perspective or checking SEO too
  • Creative and/or SEO copywriting for websites and blogs
  • Ghostwriting for e-books
  • Content marketing strategy, editorial plan and calendar for blogs and websites
  • Persuasive copywriting for landing pages or e-mail campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Product sheets for e-commerce
  • Video scripts
  • Stats reports about website placement (through Google Analytics and other tools)

Why I’m the right Italian copywriter for you

I’m a freelance Italian copywriter, working remotely from all around the world. Traveling is mind opening and fuels my natural curiosity, adding up to my enthusiastic attitude.

I’m creative and versatile but also extremely reliable. I will never miss a deadline, because I value organization and precision – and I respect other people’s time and work.

In my past life I was a clinical psychologist, which helps me get in your ideal clients’ shoes with no effort. Add that to my technical knowledge about content marketing and web writing, and that’s a wrap!

Whatever your needs are, if you’re looking for an Italian copywriter to work with – here I am.
Get in touch with me through this e-mail address:
Let me help you conquer the Italian market!

ps: wanna see what my clients think about my work? Here are a few reviews – in English too!